A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Make your way through a dungeon full of monsters. 3 levels, 3 coins, 3 keys, and a whole lot of monsters... 

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Z to interact or select, X to change your wardrobe, C to change colors, V to change toggle party mode, Esc to leave, F11 to toggle fullscreen.

Achievements: Shiny! (obtain all 3 coins) - gives you shades / sunglasses.

More information

Published 73 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags1-bit, 8-bit, Dungeon Crawler, gameboy, Singleplayer

Install instructions

To install on a windows system, download the file according to your system. Extract the file, open the folder inside, if you use a windows 64 bit system it will say "win64", then click on the file called ".DungeonGetaway". On linux the file will be called nw and on mac it will be called nwjs.


DungeonGetaway(1.03)Linux32.zip 65 MB
DungeonGetaway(1.03)Linux64.zip 64 MB
DungeonGetaway(1.03)Osx64.zip 309 MB
DungeonGetaway(1.03)Win32.zip 49 MB
DungeonGetaway(1.03)Win64.zip 58 MB

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Maybe the game need some indication to let the player know through which the player is allowed to pass or which element/wall he can desctruct. By the way the gameplay is simple and it's its force too. Simple but really great! Well done! :)

yeah, the next update I'm working on includes quick tip messages at the bottom of the screen :D and a boss fight 

Great game. Tough to beat the third level. Dungeon games rule.