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Make your way through a dungeon full of monsters. 3 levels, 3 coins, 3 keys, and a whole lot of monsters... 

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Z to interact or select, X to change your wardrobe, C to change colors, V to change toggle party mode, Esc to leave, F11 to toggle fullscreen.

Achievements: Shiny! (obtain all 3 coins) - gives you shades / sunglasses.


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DungeonGetaway(1.03)Linux32.zip 65 MB
DungeonGetaway(1.03)Linux64.zip 64 MB
DungeonGetaway(1.03)Osx64.zip 309 MB
DungeonGetaway(1.03)Win32.zip 49 MB
DungeonGetaway(1.03)Win64.zip 58 MB

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Maybe the game need some indication to let the player know through which the player is allowed to pass or which element/wall he can desctruct. By the way the gameplay is simple and it's its force too. Simple but really great! Well done! :)

yeah, the next update I'm working on includes quick tip messages at the bottom of the screen :D and a boss fight 

Great game. Tough to beat the third level. Dungeon games rule.